Homestead Acres allows you room to breathe, not only with added space but also with your budget.  In addition to avoiding city taxes and preserving the value of your home with subdivision restrictions, you can save in your day-to-day activities. First, every home is served by natural gas. Natural gas saves you money every time you turn on the heat, fire up the grill, take a shower or transfer wet clothes to the dryer. Second, electricity for Homestead Acres is provided by Victoria Electric Co-op. If you are new to this area, just ask around or call the electricity providers and compare their rates. Victoria Electric is not just slightly less expensive; it is hugely less expensive. Third, while you may not feel as if you are living in the city, you are so close to Victoria (only 1/2 mile) that shopping, after-school sports, scouts, band practice, doctor’s appointments, work—whatever takes you away from home—will not require long daily drives “into town.” Enjoy the savings on both gasoline and the wear and tear on your vehicle! 

Save on the Everyday Cost of Living

Victoria, TX, USA

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